A celebrative win for Valletta against Luxol

Valletta celebrates the end of the first round, giving Luxol their first defeat. Luxol had their two key players missing, William Barbosa and Mark Zammit. Barbosa had to remain at home, after he has been hospitalized for head injury during the training session.

On the other hand we have to give credit to Valletta who gave a stunning performance on the field of play.

After five minutes play Denis Di Maio broke the deadlock and the same player doubled the score three minutes later. In the last quarter of the first half, Florin Anton reduced the matters but Mohammed Elamari’s immediately increased Valletta’s advantage. In the dying minute of the first half, Slovenian Dejan Bizjak put the Citizen’s mind at rest before the break.

Luxol’s desperate tentatives with Frane Despotovic and Florin Anton playing as flying keepers, were fruitless as Valletta kept on scoring more goals. Di Maio scored again having a hat-trick together with Dylan Musu and Cristian Cuadros Silva who sealed the end result of 7-1.

Valletta: Neil Cuschieri, Gaetano Mallia, Joseph Borg, Jurgen Pace, Dejan Bizjak, Mohammed Abdousallam Elamari, Jovica Milijic, Denis Di Maio, Xavier Saliba, Dylan Musu, Cristian Cuadros Silva, Daniel Brincat and Melvin Borg.

Luxol: Adrian Attard, Nicholas Farrugia, Karl Lepre, Matthew Attard, Clint Cope, Glenn Bonello, Frane Despotovic, Celino Alves, Florin Anton, Karl Azzopardi, Zvezdan Vukovic, Carlo Scicluna.

Referees: Klint Cassar, Jude Amin Utulu

Timekeeper: Jonathan Balzan

4th Official: Roberto Attard