A Closer Look at….Roderick Mascena (Qormi Futsal)

Name: Roderick Mascena
Born on September 10th 1982.
Plays for Qormi Futsal.
Works in a pharmaceutical company.
Hobbies: Playing and watching football, Tennis, Snooker and Darts.
Motto in life: Life is a journey…enjoy the ride.

How long have you been playing futsal?

I have been playing this beautiful game for the last five years.

What do you think about this sport?
I think that it’s a sport that has been growing so fast during these years. In fact lots of coaches and players are involved and most of all I can mention the sterling job that the Malta Futsal School is doing with the kids.

How can you define Qormi’s championship so far?
I think that till now our season was satisfying. Actually this is what we’ve expected as we won the matches against teams of our level but found it a bit hard against the elite teams.

In my opinion, Qormi is a solid team with players that have been together for so many years. Do you agree with that?
Yes sure I do agree. We are a group of players that have been together for many years and we can define ourselves as one team.
With the addition of new players and a new coach, I feel that we are more competitive than ever also considering that our team is made up of Maltese players with only one foreigner in the squad.

What are your main objectives for this season?

Our aim is to reach the First Division play-offs and who knows, maybe we can achieve what we didn’t succeed to do last year; the championship.
Certainly it won’t be easy because all the teams are really strong but we will do our best to succeed in our mission.