Month: April 2015

A Closer Look at…Shawn Rogers (Player/coach – Qrendi FC)

Name: Shawn Rogers

Born on September 26th 1972.

Place of Birth: Qormi

Works as an Office Clerk.

Personal Motto: T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More…and be positive.

I have been involved in futsal for… 6 years.

Futsal is…a high-tempo, quick-thinking but at the same time, an entertaining game, where technical skills and ability are required. From a coaching perspective, futsal offers you a selection of tactical strategies that can be used during the course of the game.

Being part of a committee of a futsal club… involves a lot of time, hard work and most of all commitment.

Qrendi Futsal Club is… a fantastic group of great friends that love the game but most of all willing to play as a team and this fact helps us to grow more in our motivation.







This year… I can’t really say that I’m that much satisfied with our team’s performance, when you consider what we’ve achieved in our last two seasons. But on the other hand, with the acquisitions that we made in the second half of the season and hopefully with the addition of more players, I believe that next season we will be better than this year .

My main objective is….to continue working hard and try to improve more our style of play, as this can help us more to achieve positive results.



So close but yet so far for Gzira

Msida St. Joseph and Naxxar Lions were proclaimed as the playoffs’ finalists for the promotion in the Premiership.

Gzira replied with a stunning win of 8-3 against Msida, narrowing the aggregate to 17-15 for Msida.

Msida started the game with seven goals in advantage but Gzira were continuously aggressive to get as much as they can.

Gzira’s Alessio Restuccia was the main protagonist for good and for bad as he scored a hat-trick but was sent off in the final minutes after receiving the second yellow card.

Aaron Dalli also had a very good game and had a hat-trick too.

Alan Galea and Josh Parry also found the net for the Maroons.

Marian Gologan, Aleksander Kristonjevic and Herbert Spiteri scored the three goals which assured Msida’s place in the final.

Naxxar had to struggle till the end to obtain the pass for the final, as they faced Attard’s solid defence.

Naxxar had only goal advantage (2-1) before this match and the second leg was really spectacular for those present at the Corradino Sport Pavillion.

Attard brought forward their aggregate twice through Miguel Alcazar de la torre and player coach Kevin Loughborough.

Daniel Brincat deducted the score and levelled again the aggregate.

In the last minute Sean Vella netted the precious goal for Naxxar which placed them in the final with an aggregate of 4-3.

A Closer Look at..Mike Pace (President – Msida St Joseph Futsal Club)

Name: Mike Pace

Born on April 4th 1960

Lives in Birkirkara.

Works in the Security Area division.

I have been involved in futsal… since the beginning of the FMA where we started from the fourth division.

Futsal is…a wonderful game based on a lot of tactics.

Being president of a futsal club… for the last two years entails a lot of hard work and commitment. I would like to thank our sponsors for their continuous backing.

Msida Futsal Club is… a great team that I am really proud of.

This year I am… extremely satisfied with what we’ve achieved so far.

My main objective is… to aim for a Premier Division spot. Now that we have reached the play-off,s we would like to finish off this season with a promotion.

Breathtaking struggles in the playoffs

The top four premier teams had to struggle in their respective encounters in the first leg of the playoffs.

The Corradino Sport Pavillion saw a numerous crowd coming to watch both Valletta vs Luxol and Hamrun vs Balzan.

Premiership leaders Luxol had to face Valletta being a very hard team to beat.

Valletta obtained a three goals advantage advantage in the first minutes, from Denis di Maio’s brace and Cedric Sciberras’ goal.

Luxol deducted the score through William Barbosa, three minutes before the emd of the first half.

In the second half, Luxol came back aggressively and managed to level the matters with another goal from William Barbosa and from player coach Florin Anton.

In the middle of the second half, Shawn Vella put again the Citizens on the lead.

But in the end, Florin Anton netted three times more giving Luxol a 6-4 win against Valletta.

In the second encounter, Hamrun Spartans came out with a minimal advantage of 7-6 against Balzan.

Hamrun broke the deadlock in the 15th minute through Rogerio Dos Santos Filho and his co-patriot Raphael Felipe Ortiz de Oliveira made them 2-0 in the last minute.

Balzan’s Bulgarian Boicho Marev deducted the score just 2 seconds fron the end of the first half.

The Brazilian effect continued as Raphael Felipe Ortiz de Oliveira and Rodrigo Ticz Patrizio scored five more goals together.

Balzan also continued to score with two more goals from Boicho Marev, a brace from the Croatian player coach Frane Despotovic and Glenn Bonello’s goal.

These four teams will need to face each other again next Thursday, with the winners making it for the final.

Vukovic leads Msida to impressive win

Msida St Joseph stunned Gzira after outclassing their opponents 14-7 in the first leg of the  Gatorade Futsal Play-Offs.

Serbian duo Zvezdan Vukovic and Aleksander Kristonijevic were the architects behind Msida’s success as they pushed forward their team and threatened their opponents’ defence who found it hard to stop them from scoring.

A goal after four minutes set the tone for a high-scoring match as goals were coming successively to keep the spectators present at the Corradino Pavillion really entertained.

The Maroons, on their part, produced a decent reaction scoring four goals to reduce the gap to 7-6 in one moment but after scoring their eighth goal, Msida again opened up their goal scoring flair.

Aleksandar Kristonijevic and Zvezdan Vukovic netted a poker, Marian Gologan notched a brace while Matthew Dingli, Noel Portelli, Ryan Xuereb and Chris Cutajar added more goals for the winning side.

Three braces by Alessio Restuccia, Josh Parry and Frankie Xerri together with a goal by Darren Agius were on the mark for Gzira.

The latter have a mountain to climb in the second leg as they need to score eight goals  without reply to maintain their place in the Premier Division.







Meanwhile, Naxxar Lions built a narrow advantage for the second leg after struggling to beat a mighty Attard side 2-1.

The Lions managed to react well after going one goal down, notching the equaliser and gaining the final lead to take home a small advantage for next  Monday.

An own goal after 18 miutes by Paul Bugeja broke the deadlock for Attard but Naxxar were quick to react as Daniel Brincat put  his side level one minute later.

Attard were stunned as Ryan Mifsud found the winning goal on 20 minutes.

In the second half, Attard tried hard to level the matters but found an organized and disciplined Naxxar rearguard.

The latter missed two chances to extend their lead as they missed some consecutive free shots.

A Closer Look at…Edward Bartolo (Vice-President Lija Athletic FC)

Name: Edward Bartolo

Born on November 3rd 1985

Lives in Attard.

Personal Motto: “Believe!”










I have been involved in futsal for…. a year now

Futsal is….. an exciting, fast-paced small sided football game.

Being vice-president of a futsal club… entails hard work, dedication, negotiations, meetings, phone calls, time, sacrifices and much much more.

Lija Ath Futsal Club is…a well-organized team with great prospects ahead.










This year I am… satisfied with our team’s performance because we reached our main target; that of winning the first division league title.

My main objective is….to reach the Premier Division play-offs next season.

Balzan try to confirm, Tricky Test for Luxol

The Gatorade Futsal Premier League has reached a decisive phase as four teams will cross swords in the play-offs to be played this week. In the first leg to be played tonight champions Balzan play against Hamrun while league leaders Luxol face the revelation Valletta.

Luxol start as favourites in the first leg clash against Valletta (kick-off – 20.00 hrs).

However they cannot underestimate Valletta, who were promoted to Premier Division status last year, having a great campaign and placing fourth in the standings.

They hope that their inspirational players Javier Montes Burgos, Xavier Saliba and striker Denis di Maio will be in top form to pose great threat to the Luxol rearguard.

On the other hand, Luxol will try to achieve the objective of winning the league for the first time since the FMA took charge of the local futsal competitions.

Obviously the St Andrews outfit will rely on Brazilian duo Alves-Barbosa to instill their usual pressure to their opponents defensive department.

Both teams have faced each other twice in the league with the St Andrews side winning both encounters 4-3 and 7-2 respectively.

On the other hand, Balzan face a tough test when they take on second-placed Hamrun Spartans  (kick-off -21.30 hrs). The former are determined to clinch another treble of titles after having already won the Super Cup and are finalists in the Gatorade Futsal KO competition.

Hamrun, who had a successful campaign, will try to surprise all odds and show they would be a hard nut to crack.

In their two encounters this season, Hamrun saw off  Balzan  7-2 . However in the second round Balzan triumphed 5-3 over their opponents.

In these double headers, the team with the best aggregate result will qualify for the finals. If at the end of the second leg, the match ends in a draw, extra-time will be played following which penalties will decide the winner of the contest.

A Closer Look at…Gilbert Amato Gauci (President – Mdina Knights FC)

Name: Gilli Amato Gauci

Born on February 20th 1988

Lives in San Gwann.

Tourism University Student.

Personal Motto: “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

I have been involved in futsal… since 2010 when I played for Chupitos United back then on outdoor pitches, then for 2 years with Mdina Knights. After one year without being involved in local futsal I was in charge to form a new UOM Futsal team and this task has been achieved.

Futsal is…fair play, determination and team work.

Being president of a futsal club entails… having the commitee, coaches & players compatible with each other. It even involves organizing events, seeking for new sponsors and promotion for social media. We are proud to have received a lot of likes regarding our league performance in just one season and a lot of interaction with the media such as interviews and TV programmes.

Mdina Knights Futsal Club is… a united team composed of university students which made it easier to bond and unite in order to produce a great performance on the court.

I am… very satisfied as we’ve achieved our first aim not to finish among the bottom three of the table.

My main objective is… to see both futsal and UOM Knights futsal team grow and raise more awareness to this sport I’m most passionate about.







Our supporters are… simply the best! They were just our sixth man on the court. They are always creative and colourful in their support.

The future of UoM Mdina Knights is… bright with the financial and moral support of Malta University Sports Club & Kunsill Studenti Universitarji



Set for promotion in the Playoffs

All lights will be on Gzira, Naxxar, Attard and Msida for tonight’s first playoff matches. Gzira United who placed 8th in the Premier Division, will do everything to keep their place in the Premiership;  the others will struggle for the promotion to the Premiership.

This site contacted Attard’s Player and Coach Kevin Loughborough, Msida’s Club Official, Naxxar’s coach Carlos Scicluna and Gzira’s player Frankie Xerri.

Attard was definitely the third best newcomer in the Gatorade Futsal League, as all players did great and even though they are all amateurs they have a big heart. They are all thrilled for making it to the 3rd place which assured their presence in the playoffs.

Msida initially were targeting to the playoffs even though the first round wasn’t a good one. The January’s new acquisitions were useful and positive results were coming up.

Whatever it happens, for Msida this season was a very positive one as the result of a collective effort from the coaching staff and players, especially the newcomers.

Naxxar’s Coach Carlos Scicluna expressed his satisfaction that he reached his targets for this season, but he’ll remain obtaining more success. Each game is important as a final.

Scicluna told us that during the last two weeks the team is united and all the players are willing to obtain the promotion for Naxxar.

Gzira had a season full of ups and downs, with undeserved defeats sometimes.  Nevertheless, Gzira’s player Frankie Xerri and his team mates are looking positively at the playoffs.

A Closer Look at…Dassier Borg (President – Valletta FC)

Name: Dassier Borg.

Born on May 7th 1982.

Works as a Self-Employed.

Personal Motto: ” Always try to be a winner and be helpful to other people.”

I  have been involved in futsal for… 3 years (2 years as a player and 1 year as a  president)
Futsal is… part of my life
Being president is… a huge task and you have to spare and dedicate plenty of time to your club.
Our objective… was to book a place in the play-offs and we made it. It is my first season as a president and I am very happy with what we’ve achieved this year.
Valletta Futsal Club is… a great family.  That’s our main strength.
My main objective is… to gain respect from everyone and to win the league in the future.