Month: October 2012

Question and Answer – Bibs


Q. We were asked by the referee to wear bibs. Can I ask why? Sorry for being difficult but everything new that crops up impinges on us players financially.

A. Bibs are also obligatory for substitute players to be worn during the game. That is for the sole purpose to distinguish between infield players and substitutes.

Reply by Gjergji Bitri (Futsal Expert & Beach Soccer Coordinator – Referees’ Committee) | E |


Changes In Fixtures

The Futsal Malta Association would like notify all the parties involved with the following changes in fixtures due to logistical constraints.
Fixtures found in the FMA website’s division page have already been updated.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Division 2
Revised DateOriginal DateRound No.Game No.Home teamAway TeamVenue
22/12/2012 13:4515/12/2012 13:45137Swieqi UnitedMsida St JosephKordin Pavilion
22/12/2012 15:0015/12/2012 15:00138GhaxaqVittoriosa StarsKordin Pavilion
22/12/2012 16:1515/12/2012 16:15139Ta’ XbiexMdina KnightsKordin Pavilion
22/12/2012 17:3015/12/2012 17:30140Zebbug RangersPembroke AthletaKordin Pavilion
09/02/2013 13:4502/02/2013 17:30248Swieqi UnitedZebbug RangersKordin Pavilion
Division 3
DateOriginal DateRound No.Game No.Home teamAway TeamVenue
09/02/2013 15:0003/02/2013 15:15248SirensMarsaskalaKordin Pavilion

Premier League Week 3 Round Up

Balzan FC and Hibernians FC share the spoils in match of the week – Floriana, Zejtun go top.

The match of the week between archrivals Balzan FC and Hibernians FC certainly lived up to its expectations. In front of approximately 250 spectators, one of the biggest crowds ever seen at Corradino Sports Pavilion, current champions Balzan FC and Hibernians FC fought it out till the last seconds. Balzan started well in the first half of the match, and managed to set a 3 nil advantage. It was their Romanian player coach Florin Anton that who scored in the 7th minute. Basil Emeka Onuta who scored Balzan’s second goal in the 11th minute and two minutes before half time it was Florin Anton again who put Balzan three up before both teams entered the changing rooms for half time. When everything looked doom and gloom for Hibernians, Coach John Mizzi included the Maltese Futsal National team player Cedric Sciberras in the line-up and this helped Hibernians to adopt a more aggressive approach to the game.

As Hibernians level of confidence grew, Balzan FC’s lost their concentration and Hibs managed to scored 5 goals in 5 minutes. Tarik Ibrahim, another Maltese national team player and ex-Balzan FC player, scored the first goal in the 21st minute, an own goal by Glenn Bonello in 22nd minute. Tarik Ibrahim levelled the scored in the 25th minute. Within the same minute, Captain of the Bulgarian futsal national team Boycho Marev and Cedric Sciberras score the 4th and 5th goals respectively. The numerous Paola supporters were over the moon with their team watching their team come from behind to gain this lead. Balzan’s Basil Emeka Onuta pulled one back in the 28th minute but the drama was not over yet as Balzan brought on Matthew Xerxen to deploy the flying goalkeeper tactics but it was Hibernians’ player Tarek Ibrahim once again who took advantage of a vacant goalpost and scored Hibernians’ 6th goal from his half pitch. With only one minute left on the clock the three points looked like going Hibs’ way and with the fans already celebrating long awaited victory against their direct rivals, but Glenn Bonello had different intentions, the latter managing to score two goals in less than 40 seconds. Bonello’s euphoric celebrations brought his sending off as he took off his shirt in front of the Hibernians Supporters. The game ended with an amazing score of 6-6.

In the other game played on Tuesday, Tarxien Rainbows, although fielding a depleted side, managed to snatch 3 points thanks to their Spanish player Christian Cuadros Silva scoring all 4 goals. Nikola Petrovic and Vojko Martinovic scored the goals for St. Andrews. Final score Tarxien Rainbows 4 – 2 St. Andrews.

The Premier Futsal League continued on Friday night. Floriana and Zejtun Corinthians kept their pace and overcame Lija Athletics and Sliema Wanderers respectively, earning them top spot after 3 matches. Floriana’s task seemed more difficult considering that Lija Athletics have always been firm contenders to win the League for the past years. It was in fact Lija that opened well through Erjob Beu but Floriana kept closing the gaps. Half time score Floriana 3-4 Lija. In the second half, Floriana game from behind to level the score through Andre Mamo From then onwards Floriana took full control of the game with Kurt Bartolo steering his side to an important win. Game finished Floriana 8 Lija 5.

In the second game on Friday, Zejtun cruised past Sliema Wanderers, despite Sliema fielding a stronger opposition compared to their previous games. Zejtun captain Jesmond Micallef’s performance was once again outstanding. Backed by a good number of enthusiastic supporters Zejtun maintained their composure throughout the game and Sliema’s reaction in the early stages of the second half was not enough to narrow the scoreline gap, final score Zejtun 9 -5 Sliema. With this third consecutive Mario Gaffiero’s side joins Floriana momentarily at the top of the table.

Question and Answer – Shin Guards


Q.  Is it obligatory to wear shin guards or can we do without? (most of the team hate them that’s why I’m asking as they kept complaining)

A. Shin guards are obligatory to players (goalkeepers included) as per Futsal Laws of the Game (Law 4 – Players’ Equipment). That is for the safety of the players and should be of suitable material in order to offer a satisfactory level of protection to players’ shin. A player cannot take part on the match if he does not have shin guards.

Reply by Gjergji Bitri (Futsal Expert & Beach Soccer Coordinator – Referees’ Committee) | E |


Macron Viper 11 – The Official FMA Futsal Ball Sponsored By TEAMSPORT

FMA is glad to announce that Macron Viper 11 ball is the official FMA ball for the season 2012/2013, this was only possible through an sponsorship agreement with Teamsport.

These premium quality balls will be passed onto the referees, who in turn will make them available for each FMA game.

We are sure this is another step to continue enhancing the futsal game.

FMA would like to thank Teamsport for this collaboration.


Valletta vs Zejtun

Premier League Week 2 Round Up

Floriana, Lija Athletics and Zejtun Corinthians register second wins and go top – Valletta FC and Sliema Wanderers still in search of first points.

The FMA Futsal Premier League continued this week, with Champions Balzan FC marking their debut this season with an easy win over Luxol St. Andrews Luxol a team that brought back Simone as coach after the same coach last season  had a short spell with Paola Downtown now Hibernians and fielded a relatively new side. Balzan FC, also Super Cup winners, on the eve of the newly inaugurated Futsal League under FMA administration, led by veteran player-coach Romanian Florin Anton, remain valid hopefuls to repeat last year’s Futsal Championship success. Alexander Ribic was outstanding for Balzan FC but undoubtedly the player of the match was Jose da Silva – Luxol’s keeper – for his fine performance preventing more damage to the Luxol side.

In the other Premier Division matches, firm challengers for title, Lija, Zejtun and Floriana also cruised to victories over Sliema, Valletta and Hamrun Spartans Respectively.  In the second game of the week, Floriana who opened the score early through Andy Mangion, but Hamrun levelled through a penalty. From this point onwards Floriana who are one of the only 3 teams in the premier league that field only Maltese players took full control of the game with Kurt Batrolo sealing his team’s efforts in the dying seconds of the game. With this second defeat, Malta football international player Stefan Sultana’s side remains still with no points at the bottom of the table.

Same for Valletta FC – defeated for the second consecutive game, this time by Zejtun Corinthians.  A fine display by Zejtun captain Jesmond Caruana ensured a comfortable lead early through the game. Valletta reacted well in second half pulling back two goals but Zejtun kept their composure.

Lija Athletics, continued were they started last week, with an impressive 8-0 win against Alex Frendo’s Sliema side.  George Mallia and his Sliema team mates could do very little to mitigate the continuous efforts led by Lija’s Jovica Milijic.

All the futsal followers attention is now on next Tuesday’s classic encounter between Champions Balzan FC and Hibernians FC.  Both teams will be out to win this game in order to consolidate their position in the upper section of the table but mostly to boost their morale ahead of the rest of the season.

The full programme for this week’s games being played at the Corradino Pavilion is as follows:

23-October-2012 19:45BalzanvHiberniansKordin Pavilion
23-October-2012 21:15Tarxien RainbowsvSt AndrewsKordin Pavilion
26-October-2012 20:00FlorianavLija AthleticKordin Pavilion
26-October-2012 21:30Zejtun CorinthiansvSliema WanderersKordin Pavilion


Lecture About Futsal To Be Organised By Fgura United FC

Fgura United F.C. have for the past two years focused on building a football complex with the primary aim to involve as many children and youngsters as possible. Our objectives are now within reach as for the first time in our club’s history, we will be participating in all levels of organised football. This has brought new challenges to our administration, and we are committed to improve in all aspects.

Our aim is to give  our members as much knowledge as possible in their respective groups by organizing Lectures by professional people to help them in all aspects of the game. We will be holding a Lecture about Futsal for anyone interested on Wednesday 24th October at 18.00 hours at the New Fgura United FC Complex in the Main Hall. The Lecturer Mr. Gjergji Bitri is a Futsal Expert & Beach Soccer Coordinator – Referees’ Committee Malta Football Association.


Lawrence Bugeja


Fgura United FC

Question and Answer – Sliding Tackle Rule

Q. During our game on Saturday, the referee told us that no form of sliding tackles are allowed and a foul was given against us. I was of the impression that sliding tackles are allowed. What is the case?

A. Sliding Tackle is one of the most controversial issues in Futsal.

Up to 2010 it was totally banned, therefore any type of sliding tackle was punished by a direct free kick.

From 2010 onwards, sliding tackle is allowed in some circumstances provided that the following criteria are satisfied:

–          Player making the sliding tackle SHOULD NOT do it in: Careless, Reckless or Using Excessive Force manner.

1-      If a player is in full possession of the ball (full possession is considered also when player dribbles the opponents and runs with the ball) – sliding tackle is not allowed

2-      If the ball is being contested by two players of opposing teams, then sliding tackle is allowed, provided above criteria are satisfied. One should keep in mind that the player should make contact with the ball and not with opponent.

However, this is not as easy as it might sound. Since its’ change in 2010 a lot of controversy has surrounded referees’ decisions on sliding tackle. I would like to emphasize also that UEFA encourages  Referees to punish sliding tackle, since it is Futsal and not Football.

You have to consider also the fact that the Laws of the Game state: If in the opinion of the Referee….

As I mentioned, it is not a clear-cut situation and I know it brings a lot of frustration to players, coaches and referees alike.

Reply by Gjergji Bitri (Futsal Expert & Beach Soccer Coordinator – Referees’ Committee) | E |

Futsal Weekly Round Up on Times Of Malta

FMA is glad to announce that it will have a small write up promoting the Futsal game once a week (Tuesdays) in the most popular newspaper in Malta, Times of Malta. The first article can be found in today’s newspaper. It seems that there is a good consensus among futsal followers that our sports needs media coverage, lets know hope that some of you help us promote our sport. Anyone interested please contact any FMA committee member.

Premier League Week 1 Round Up

Flying start for title contenders Lija Athletic and Hibernians.

The FMA Premier League opened with Floriana, newcomers to Premier Division, beating Sliema Wanderers 5-2. Despite being new to the premier league, Floriana are already well established in the futsal game and possess some very valid players including a good share of national team players. Sliema on the other hand have made substantial improvements from last years squad with the inclusion of former Malta football international player George Mallia.

As expected, Lija and Hibs both cruised to victory in their respective matches against Valletta and Hamrun Spartans respectively. Both teams have been titles contenders for the past few years and are once again have bolstered their teams to clinch this year’s futsal championship title.  Despite having a number of key players missing, Hibs still tore the Spartans defense open, netting no less than 9 goals on their opening game.  The inclusion of Riberio in their squad, together with the experience of Bulgarian international Bobo Marek, proved to be an effective tandem for Hibs.

Undoubtedly, the game of the week was Zejtun Corinthians – Tarxien Rainbows, with the Corinthians having the last laugh, with the odd goal in 5, just 3 seconds from the final whistle. Notwithstanding the result, the game was balanced and both teams were determined to win. Zejtun opened well earning a two goal advantage, but Tarxien led by another futsal international Romanian, Gabriel Dobre, kept their cool and leveled the score after a late first half fine display.  Both teams had their share in second half with Tarxien pressing for an advantage using the flying keeper strategy very early into the second half. Zejtun clinched a dramatic winner 3 seconds from time through Jesmond Micallef. In a short comment to FMA after the game, Zejtun spokesman, Gaffiero said “it was a balanced and pleasant game, but it is always good for your team to start the league with 3 points”.

FMA league continues this week with the following fixtures and with Champions Balzan FC making their league debut against St. Andrews.

16-October-2012 19:45St Andrews vBalzan
16-October-2012 21:15Hamrun Spartans vFloriana
19-October-2012 20:00Sliema Wanderers vLija Athletic
19-October-2012 21:30Valletta vZejtun Corinthians