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Mario Vella and Nathan Jones joining Luxol Futsal Club

18/06/2015 News

As many of you have probably heard by now, Vella and Jones decided to part ways with Balzan Futsal Club. It was one of the hardest decisions since their involvement in Futsal years ago. It was a decision which was taken purely because they genuinely believe in the next project which we shall be embarking on. Over the past three seasons, they have seen Balzan Futsal club grow and flourish to new heights every year.  It was an experience and an honour for them being involved in the management and running of the club. Hard work and dedication were the key ingredients to success, and Balzan Futsal Club is testament to that! One FMA league, three FMA K.O. Cups and three Supercup victories are amongst the various successes achieved by this Club! However, despite all the trophies and silverware, their greatest accomplishment at Balzan Futsal Club was that they found Read the full article…

FMA holds AGM 2014-15

13/06/2015 News

The FMA held its Annual General Meeting for season 2014-15 at the Corradino Pavillion earlier this morning. FMA president Mark Borg opened the meeting by welcoming the club members for this annual event. This was followed by the reading of certain proposals that were discussed and some votes that needed to be casted. He stressed about the positive aspects of last season with various clubs contending for the main honours. He emphasized about the new rules that the association adopted to bring a better uniformity among the clubs. He mentioned among other points the ID Cards systems for players and officials as well as the various courses being offered. Borg listed a lot of future challenges that the association needed to tackle with the main one being that of having its own facilities. Several votes were taken by the committee with the principal one being the number of foreign players Read the full article…